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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Furry?

    Furry means a lot of different things to different people. In short, its a collection of people who have a interest in anthropomorphic characters.


What kind of people are into furry?

   A vast majority are artists of one sort or another. People with the interest vary from highschool students all the way to CEOS of Fortune 400 companies. People from all around the world from all walks of life are into it.


What are conventions?

  Furry conventions are a large gathering of people with the interest of anthropormorphics. Some travel to other countries to attend. They are held at hotels and convention centers across the globe and feature: art shows, dances, dance competitions, talent shows, improve shows, classes on a myriad of things from basic drawing to forestry conservation and resume building. All in all, a lot of people go to see people they have met over the years and it serves as a opportunity to check in with each other annually/yearly.


What does BNC mean?

    BNC originally stood for 'Blue Nose Malamutes' as it was a project back in my design days to design a logo, four different ways, for a company. This is where 'Brutus' came from. AKA: The BNC dog head. It changed to Blue Nose Creation as a nick name joke given to me by a friend when visiting back in my early days of work one cold winter night when I was in the garage. My nose was well... blue.


How Long have you been around?

    I have been around for the past eight years as I am now. Almost coming up on double digits!


How long have you been making suits professionally?

   I have been in the practice for about four years as a professional, seven years total.


Do you have more examples of your work?

   The gallery is a rotating gallery featuring the latest suits that have been produced. I only believe in moving forward with my work and the past is a distraction. However, over one hundred suits have been made by me.


How good is your vision out of those? How well do they breathe?

   My vision is superb out of them. I have done stunts and local photo-shoots wearing my works while riding downhill MTB, skiing and the like. I have been told they have the best vision and best breathability out of all suits people have tried or owned.


How do I get a commission or in contact with you?

   Visit the Commissions or Contact page for all that info. Or visit me on affiliating sites as listed in there.



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