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-Commissions slots are open in a rotating setup. First in, first out. 



- Fullsuits prices vary depending on what you would like crafted. Please contact for a proper quote.

    Includes: Digi-grade legs

                    Follow Me eyes/Toony Eyes

                    Semi Moving jaws

                    Basic Outdoor foot paws

                        Medium Level hand paws 'lined, claws, pads'

                        Basic Jaw Set

                        Basic neck venting and body liner

                    Basic Tail Interfacing 'seamless look'


                    Integrated fan

                    LED Eyes

                    Zipper Vents

                    Chest Pocket


- Partials are rarely done, contact for more details.

     Includes: Follow Me eyes/Toony Eyes

                    Semi Moving jaws

                    Basic Outdoor foot paws 'Long leg, short leg'

                    Medium Level hand paws 'lined, claws, pads. Long sleeve/ short sleeve'

                    Basic Jaw Set




- For parts please send an inquiry.

I offer:

-Optional Ventilation for body suits

This means that the bodies of my suits are cooler, last longer and keep you out and having fun longer.

-Optional Venturi-Cooling for heads

This means that the heads require no fans, no batteries, no mess. It all translates out to you staying cooler, longer however fans are added no charge.

-Fully Lined, Light Weight Heads

All of my heads are sub twenty ounces.* That's the average weight of a standard BMX full face helmet. This means less weight, easier travel, less strain on you.

-Pure Foam Construction

Others go on about resin this or epoxy that. But as one who's been at the bottom of a dog pile or hit in the face with a stage prop, that hurts on its own let alone having your head made of hard plastic composites or epoxy resin impacting your face. I make the heads out of hand carved foam. It takes longer, but there's no fumes, it's lighter weight, easier care and traditional.
Always have and always will.

-Light Weight Bodies

All of my bodies are built tough. They have been abused by the best in the business and have never failed. They are also extremely light weight. Total suit weights of sub 13lbs are not uncommon.*

-Light Weight Feet

All of the suit feet are built TOUGH. The materials from the paw pads to the bases to the construction keeps them together through many a parade' and dance comp only to come back for more.

-Durable Construction

Despite all the touting about being light weight, they are tough. They aren't just about looks. From dance comps, to fursuit games, rough housing and tag football. They don't quit. And if they try, send it back. I'm happy to fix it. *

-Multiple Eye Styles

I do multiple types of eye styles to suit your needs. From the classic toony, to realistic and everything in between. All of which have excellent side vision.

-The most recognized digigrade in the community

 In 2007, my suits were one of the first to create the illusion and this had led to a long line of a recognizable style we have all come to know and love.

-Full sculpted bodies

These are the latest girl suits that are out at conventions.

-Excellent Customer Service Record

No matter how well it's built or how hard it's loved, things come apart, accidents happen, people fall down stairs. And when that happens rest easy knowing your back is covered.


For Price Quotes:

-Say hello on Twitter @BNCreation.




*Prices vary on design, materials chosen by client

*Head weight claim on Full Foam, with venting. Basic heads.

*Full suit weight claim on light weight digi-grade 'dance' suit body/feet/paws, basic head

*Abuse not covered in warranty

*Any competitors commissioning work will be subject to a 40-60% surcharge depending on experience/depending on product. BNC reserves right to not build for competitors.

*BNCreation has a zero-tolerance policy for inappropriate material. If you need a clean reference done, please have one done prior to contact or we can find an artist for you.






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